Sebas is 9!

He's always been a study in contrasts. Super sensitive yet tough as nails. Smart yet vulnerable. Independent yet attached. Loves his sister yet fights with her like crazy. Irritates the hell out of you yet you can't help but love him. Congrats on your 9th bday baby boy. I love you to Jupiter and back. I hope you find your place in this world, I hope you keep being as sensitive and loving as you have been for the past 9 years. I hope the world is everything you have hoped for. I continue to hope.

P.S. I wish the picture wasn't as blurry but it's all I got! I'm actually a little bit sad that the last set of "good" pictures I took was Xmas 2016. Am I destined for that? To only take good pictures (like with an actual camera) on bdays and major holidays?

Krispy Kreme llega a Perú!

Krispy Kreme opened on March 23rd if I’m not mistaken. I sent my driver to pick up 30 donuts yesterday so that my son could take them to school this morning to celebrate his birthday. He wasn’t thrilled that they weren’t Dunkin’ Donuts but I swore that if he and his friends didn’t like the Krispy Kreme donuts I would pay him! Today I had to run an errand close by and realized I was right next door so decided to get some for my daughter who complained when I didn’t get here any yesterday. Thank goodness I was in crutches so that they let me cut to the front of the line! Cause you can see in the picture it was PACKED. Seems like a nice alternative to Starbucks for working remotely. It’s got power outlets on every single seat, which is great. And a second story which seems quieter than the first. I’ll be trying it out for working remotely once I’m more mobile. Oh, and the wifi pwd is “krispykreme”. The address is 1335 Benavides, Miraflores. Very close to the Benavides Wong. Facebook pag…

Marketing Jobs

In my current job I see a lot of people undergoing job transitions and looking to expand their networks in order to improve their chances of future job placement.  Today I met a very interesting woman who had a very similar profile to mine, minus the international experience.  She wanted to talk to me given my similar profile in Marketing and see how I saw the job market these days. She seemed to think that it's harder and harder to find jobs in Marketing in Peru these days. One of the reasons? It seems that because of the economic downturn and the uncertainty about the election results (sounds just like the US, I know) companies are cutting back on Marketing budgets. Sounds familiar right?

Chinese New Year

I have always been a big fan of the Chinese Horoscope, especially around Chinese New Year.  However, some of the Tiger predictions for the Year of the Fire Monkey seem pretty crappy for me so I have been hesitant to post them here for fear of making some of those bad predictions come true! However, I did find this one website which for some reason I had never found before, which I found terribly insightful.  Maybe not so much because of the predictions but more so because of the compatibility analysis and personality analysis. I feel like I learned a lot about myself and others close to me reading this.  Hope you do as well.

Book reco: American Chica

Thankful for the Christmas holidays and a wonderful trip to Puerto Rico which allowed me to catch on my reading. On December 21st my good friend German recommended this book and taking advantage of the fact that Amazon delivers PAPER books to Puerto Rico quickly (vs. Peru) I ordered it right away and got it on the 24th of December. What can I say? I couldn't put it down until I finished it.  Maybe because I identified a little bit too closely with the constant straddling of two worlds and the never knowing where you're really from or where you're really going. Of course I wish I had the talent to describe this bi-cultural life as beautifully as Marie Arana did, but alas, I have to be content with just being able to read such poetic stories. I cannot wait to order her other book, Lima Nights.  But first I am reading the next book of the Millenium series which I just downloaded on the Kindle last night. And I still have to go back to Elon Musk.  I have this thing where I ca…

A decade of motherhood

I cannot believe I've been a mother for 10 years. I didn't think I would make it past 1 year! In fact, I remember having conversations with friends before getting pregnant about NOT wanting to get pregnant because I was afraid of bringing kids into this messed up world and not being able to protect them from all the evil in the world.  In fact, a couple of weeks after we had brough Gabi home we rented the movie Crash on Netflix and I remember telling my husband while we were watching the movie, "OMG, what have I done? How could I have been so careless? How could I have brought her into this world!?".  That world in the movie was so scary and so messed up and so randomly cruel, I just couldn't believe I was going to have to raise a kid in it (let alone two!).

But, ten years later, my kids have shown me how wrong (and selfish) I was to think that way. They have taught me that even in this messed up world they can be smart, caring, considerate, loving, and worried…